We are xoonobe

We are a startup aspiring to be the one of the leaders in the field of rapid prototyping & manufacturing. Among other things, we want to popularize 3D printing through production 3D printers and introduction of services related to them. We want reach out not only business customers but also to the community of makers.

Our business background

We came from web design & 3D graphics industry. The years spent in the industry have developed in our analytical and artistic skills, which today we want to bring into the world of 3D printing, rapid prototyping and production.

What makes us passionate about/inspired?

We draw passion and inspiration from call into being new ideas and make them reality. We are going to create new tools that simplify and accelerate the implementation of the other people ideas.

Our promise

The promise of “Being for our customers,” imposes an obligation on us to maintain partnership relations with our customers, partners, and sets a target to follow the needs of our clients, making it possible for them.


We focus on:

  • 3D printing Promotion
  • Creating tools and services for rapid prototyping and manufacturing

Our essence

Our personality and character shapes:

  • An intelligent approach to work and life
  • Devotion to create more and better products and services
  • The desire to help people achieve their goals
  • We do what we think
  • We are a friendly, achievable
  • We care about our readers, customers and treat them with due respect
  • We make sure that our products and services were properly performed